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Welcome to the Naval Intelligence Professionals Organization

Join or Renew your Membership in the
Naval Intelligence Professionals

Are you an existing member who would like to renew your dues?  If so, please log in here and navigate to the Manage Profile page.  In the Memberships area please Select the link labeled "Securely renew your membership” to begin the renewal process.

The following is an overview of eligibility requirements. If you meet them and would like to join NIP please continue with our online form.


Full Membership is allowed for Active Duty/Former/Retired/Reserve Intelligence Specialists (183x/181x/163x/135x/161x/645x/civilian and enlisted serving with naval intelligence) and Navy/Marine/Coast Guard Intelligence subspecialists; Army/Air Force Officers with Naval Intelligence experience.

Those who do not meet the criteria for full membership may apply, but their application must be approved by the Board of Directors.

When you receive your application or apply online, you will be asked to provide information on the basis for your membership (i.e., how you meet the eligibility requirements). Please provide this in the "notes" line of your application form.


$45.00 annual membership ($35.00 for all 0-1/0-3, CWO and all enlisted rates on active duty or in reserve drill pay status, plus GS-9 and below).

$200.00 five year membership (saves $25.00)


  • Regular - All members except Reserve, Enlisted, Junior Officer (0-1/3)/Civilian (GS-9 and below)
  • REJO - Enlisted and Junior Officer (0-1/3)/Civilian (GS-9 and below) (active and reserve)
  • Free one-year membership - Free one-year membership for graduates of NIOBC, NMITC, AOBC and "C" Schools.  You must have graduated within 12 months of the date of the application to receive the free membership.






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